Around seven years back, companions and picture takers Kris Reid, Marty Bell and Tom Welsh were passing through the Scottish Highlands looking for daylight when they figured how cool it is take the rich, warm hues they ordinarily add to their pictures and apply them to genuine with custom sunglass focal points.

“We were unable to comprehend why customary shades were constantly cold and exhausting,” Kris discloses to Creative Boom. “So we chose to take care of business.” One crowdfunding effort later in 2014, with a presentation item depicted by some as “an Instagram channel for reality”, their thought turned into a reality and Tens was conceived.

Unique was the focal point that began everything, changing your view into a “gleaming heaven” with rich and warm tones. Spectachrome came later and was roused by the particular shading palette of Wes Anderson creations and vintage film – recollect the Anderson-enlivened special video? Indeed, we do, as well.

Quick forward to 2020, and Tens presently flaunts its specialism in “different focal point encounters” which are “manufactured by our experience in photography,” says Kris, just as a coordinated effort with their new optical accomplices in France.

There are two new ranges: Boulevard is an “unpretentious and satisfying inundation of red and violet-blue tones, roused by late-night drives and early morning dawns in Los Angeles”. It vows to give coarse, neo-noir film vibes. Tropic High, because of dispatch in May, is “nostalgic instigating” with an elevating focal point tint of rich brilliant tones and a “consistent mix into a state of mind improving viridescent”.

So what’s so unique about the new focal points? “Our essential spotlight is on what the wearer sees and how they feel when wearing our shades, less so on what they look like,” Kris proceeds. “We create custom channel focal points that are intended to ship the wearer to an unmistakable time, spot or feeling – dousing your view in rich, true to life tones brimming with lucidity and shading.”

How it functions is you pick the focal point and afterward the style. For Boulevard, we love Penny in matte peach or Weston in dark precious stone. Be that as it may, there are stacks more to look over.

Kris includes: “Our focal points are delivered utilizing optical-grade, hello clearness CR39 and are custom plunge colored, restrictive to Tens. Sourced from master production lines in Italy and France, they highlight in premium, carefully assembled outlines built in plant-based acetic acid derivation and brushed completion hardened steel.”

We’ll take one in each style. See the new range for yourself at

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